Call Center Jobs

I heard on the news in my home country that answering services or call centers are now a booming business. Some big companies from here in the US and other countries outsourced their customer service in the Philippines and other neighboring country like India. Accordingly, there are lots of Filipinos that are fluent in English and the labor their is cheaper compared here in the US.I have lots of friends that now work as customer service representative working in a call center and some are home-based. Even others that are nurses, teachers, engineers that cannot find job in their own fields works as call center agent. In a way, this is also good because they can earn their living while waiting for the right job with the degree they have.

One downside though of working at night and dealing with customers from other countries is the stress. A very good friend said that there are lots of call center agents now that smokes and have different lifestyle because of the nature of their job. Smoking is one of their escape for all the stress that comes being a call center agent. I am not really sure how true is this, but it is what my friend was telling me. I experienced how difficult sometime to deal with unhappy customers. Some are really unreasonable and won’t listen to reason. You have to give them the best service however unreasonable they are at times. It will always boils down to customer is always right and you have to make them happy.


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