Business Minded

Most of my family members back home is into business. My parents were into business before when we were small. They stopped and concentrate now on farming. They are both in their 70′s but still thinking of the little farm that we have. My Mom can’t visit the farm anymore coz she is wheelchair-bound. My Dad is the one that goes back and forth to farm. My older sister and our youngest is into business right now. The younger sister is doing a buy and sell business. She have wholesale products that she offers to her customers.

A distant relative that just recently visited them told me that her business is really doing great. She have lots of customers and is planning of getting a delivery truck. She does whole selling of rice, corn, pig and poultry feeds. She also have a small retail of it, but she gets more profit with the wholesale. I know she is a very business minded person. When were young she is the one that buys and sells almost anything. She worked in the government too but resigned and said she will be better off to be her own boss. I am happy for her and wishing her business will flourish.


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