Back to Couponing After Months of Hibernation

It’s been months since I stopped couponing. As I have said before that my couponing is really off and on. Now that I have enough time being out of school already, I can focus to coupon clipping and  planning our grocery shopping. Yesterday I went to Walmart and used some coupons that expires yesterday. Most of the items I bought I used coupon for it. I saved $10 from the total $31 that I spent. This kotex below I was able to get for free. A manufacturer coupon that expired yesterday was $2/2 and Walmart have this kotex natural balance for $0.94. I have 2 coupons that I printed off at I was able to grab 4 kotex for free and its a moneymaker for $0.12.

This is how you can really score great deals, if you have a coupon like this and the store have the item on sale. This is also the best time to stock up on this feminine hygiene product. I am now inspired to go back to couponing knowing that I can be able to stock up again.

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6 Responses to Back to Couponing After Months of Hibernation

  1. That is so awesome!!! I just waisted a whole booklet of coupons from Target. I could have saved tons. Ughhhh!!!!! I should have it placed where I can see it. Man! I am searching for more coupons now. hehehe…

  2. Jheylo says:

    revisitng here :)

    that price are definitely unbeatable. I wish i have patience in gathering all the coupons i recieve in the mail. I just throw them away. you go girl, save for big buck

  3. Rcel says:

    I will really go for couponing soon. I’m sure it will be a help jud ba…

    Bless, how’s school na diay for you? Human na ka di ba? Maka-work na ka or naa pay certification exam nga take-kan?

    BPC 166 hop!

  4. In-in says:

    Mama it seems like I spend more kong naa koy coupon kay mopalit man ko bisan di nako kaayo need kay abi naa koy coupon. Just a theory pero good job on all those savings. My late BPC is up at .

  5. Mel Cole says:

    gogogo with your couponing mommy. good for you coz you are really enthususiastic about it. 366 bpc hop here today.

  6. that is a great buy Momi Bless :-) glad that you are back with couponing, that is fun thing to do :-) I use coupons too, saves you money which is really awesome :-) Dropping by from BPC.

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