Whether leasing or buying, a trusted car dealer is a must!

Thanks to Shelly G for contributing this guest post.

I know that some people only want to lease a car. Do you actually know what that means? Well, leasing a car is basically the same as renting an apartment. You never own it. You have to return it at some point in time. There are some trusted dealers that will let you have the option of leasing to buy. That’s not a really bad idea. I can only assume that when you are leasing to buy you can return it if you’re not happy with the car. I can definitely see the perks in leasing a car but I prefer buying. I actually prefer paying cash for a car but sometimes that is not possible.

I have a cousin who was stationed in the UK for some time. I believe it was at least 10 years. During that time, I remember him putting pictures on FaceBook of cars he was thinking about purchasing. Nice cars, at that. BMW’s, Audi’s, Lincoln’s. All of the nice, luxury type cars. He deserves the best because he did serve in the war of couple times. After posting many pictures, and a few opinions from family and friends, what he decided on was something I wouldn’t have guessed. I would have guessed a brand new Lincoln Navigator, but he bought a new Ford Taurus. It is absolutely gorgeous. He told me that he was shopping around when someone told him to check out a website that helped him out tremendously. TrustedDealers.co.uk was the site that gave him that extra confidence in what type of car to buy. He was thinking about leasing but decided that buying the car was the better option for him.

He is now retired with a purple heart from the military and he is living back in the US. He still have that car he purchased in the UK . He calls it his “baby”

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11 Responses to Whether leasing or buying, a trusted car dealer is a must!

  1. grace says:

    Good for your cousin dear… sa hirap ng buhay ngayon… buying a new ride is a luxury..

  2. Lulu says:

    I prefer to buy a car than lease. I agree that a trusted dealer is a must because you are sure that you will get the best deal with them

  3. I also lease my car and it will due next year and might get a new car as well. My husband says that leasing gives you an opportunity to get a new vehicle every year if you want and that is how my car is though he wants to pay of his truck.

  4. Dhemz says:

    so true…no matter what, it’s always good to find a reliable car dealer.

  5. Nancy says:

    I believe leasing would make sense to those who have tight budget while it gives them the option to save up for their future purchase plan.

  6. never the less, it’s really important to have a reliable car dealer… it ain’t cheap to buy cars these days… much better if mahal i’d still go with the reliable dealer.. :)

  7. Shela says:

    Always find a car quote for good reliable dealer around and make a comparison

  8. haze says:

    Yes, often as not people get confused and ripped off when it comes to buying cars. So it always best to check out cars dealers reputation before totally trusting buying cars from them. It’s a smart moved of your cousin. Any cars will do as long as you bought it from really good dealers that would never think of ripping off their customers.

  9. rocky says:

    thanks for sharing this great article

  10. I never knew about lease a car until I read your post, good for me I learned new word haha..Thats good for your cousin and he deserves it too..I thought your cousin did a good decision because if I were him I do the same :)..

  11. emzkie says:

    we used to lease my husbands truck, because he cant afford to buy it in cash. he just paid it all off last month. thank God we are free from that debt. hehe

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