Thankful for our Fireplaces

This past January we had a snowstorm that caused to have power interruption that last for 4 days and some areas even more than a week. We did not went to any hotels since most hotels near our us as well as in neighboring towns were full and some don’t have power as well. We decided to stay at home. We live here less than a year so we have not used much our fireplaces. Good thing that both our electric fireplaces can still be used with batteries. We still have heat at night and we used the side burner of our grill in cooking our food.

That experience was really a challenge because we have two little ones and we were concerned about them. I don’t want them to be in the cold. I am glad that the power went back up. We were able to salvage some of our food in the fridge, but we were able to claim the losses of the food that were gone bad from our home insurance. Now when we will have the same experience, we already know that we can use batteries for our fireplaces, both in the family room and bedroom.


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