Summer Plans for the Kids

Summer is almost here and we are now thinking of what summer activities our kids can enroll to. Here in our city, they are sending out catalog for summer activities that the city is offering for all ages. You can also check out their website for information and how to register for a particular activity. They have indoor activities, outdoor, sports, arts, and many others. For our 5-year-old, we are thinking of registering her for swimming and soccer as well as dancing. I am not sure if she can handle all these activities though. But on the other note, it will not be all in one session. May be she can start one session of swimming lesson and then after that, she can also start the soccer.

She has been asking me if she can play soccer when she saw her friends picture playing soccer last summer. Her friend was holding soccer trophies that was being given to different teams that made an excellent play during that time. My daughter said she wanted to play and have a trophy as well. Since she is encouraged to play, we may have to register her as a beginner. With swimming, she will start as a sea puffer since she did not have any experience for swimming lesson.

Honestly, I am really torn of what activities to register her since there are so many to choose from. My only gauge now is what interests her the most and that is what we are going to do. So far she showed interests in soccer and swimming as well as dancing so I think this is a good way to start. By July, her pre-K school is also having summer program that runs for 2 weeks. We are also thinking of enrolling her. It will start in July so we are still good with the schedule. Maybe by August hubby will take off from work and we can also have a family vacation or something.

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