PF #6 Sweet Deal for our Girl’s Birthday Dress

Back in April when I was looking for a birthday dress for our 2-year-old, I went to Marshall’s. If I want to buy designer clothes or accessories for less, this is one of the stores that I go and check out. So I went there and I was able to buy the pink tutu dress that our DD2 was wearing for less than $15 compared to boutique stores which is about $30. A half off price is not bad at all. I was also able to snag the white top I was wearing from Kohl’s for $5 from its original price of $20+.

If you buy very discounted clothes from your favorite stores, wait until they have the end of season sale. That is why when I go to Kohl’s I will wait until they have that sale so I can snag some seasonal clothes for less. Even if it is discounted already, you can use coupons that you can print out online or from the catalog that they sent out to us each month. I am always looking for sweet deals for clothing coz I know you can always find some great items at a fraction of its original cost.

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3 Responses to PF #6 Sweet Deal for our Girl’s Birthday Dress

  1. Yannie says:

    Wise spender. That’s what my sister’s advice to me too; but things at the end of season.

  2. the two princesses says:

    pretty dress, and good for u mommy for you found the outfit for a much cheaper price.

    my PF entry is up — pls ko, lili?

  3. awww! DD1 looks beautiful in her pink dress Momi Bless, super loved it :-) great finds too…Dropping by from Pink Fridays.

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