Our Girls’ Gifts on Their B-Day

I am so grateful and humbled by my friends presence during our girls birthdays. On separate occasion, they showed how they care for us and for our girls. They not only came and help me on preparing the girls party but also brought something that made our girls very happy. I cannot thank enough for all of them for their thoughtfulness and generosity. I and my family are really blessed of having sweet and caring friends. We thank them wholeheartedly.

On the other note, I always remind my girls, even though they don’t get it at times because they are still very young, that gifts are not important. The most important thing is the presence of their friends and family that remembers their special day. I don’t want them to grow up and associate birthdays to receive material things all the time. We can always celebrate birthdays by spending it with the ones we love and with people close to our hearts.

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