Nike Free Run

Do you love running? Well, I am starting to and always looking forward to run or walk around our neighborhood. I found a good pair of shoes that so far I love to use when running. This Nike Free Run shoes really is very light and so comfortable. I bought this in an outlet store. It was priced for $49.99. They have 20% off discount and was able to score another 10% off for military discount. This is a good deal compared to the one I saw online for $80+.

Running is a great way to increase your stamina and endurance and it also can trim your weight down if you do it consistently. My husband loves running a lot and they also run during their physical training. I have friends that just started running as well and they said it really give them a sense of accomplishment, especially now that they are running for marathon. Do you run? What is your experience about running? Hope you can share.


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12 Responses to Nike Free Run

  1. jheylo says:

    awwww those are nice shoe and + nike and + steal of a deal. what can we ask for? hehehhehe jackpot mami bless

  2. What a durable running shoes you have Momi Bless :-) that is perfect to run around your neighborhood and lose some weight :-)

  3. Nyay, I so love the color, looking at the brand they’re I think made to last… nice pair )

  4. Dhemz says:

    ayay, 30% total..not bad…plus, it’s nike! pausla ko mamibless…ehhehe!

  5. Rcel says:

    I am so envious of your military discount Bless. Nice kaayo no kay all the time diay naa? Pila man size sa imong tiil? Pa-extraha ko bi kay mo-baklay pud ko ug layo. Di man ko ka-dagan oi kay hubakon man ang show. Taman ra ko sa baklay intawon. :D

  6. Shela says:

    Oh boy! my favorite color of course i love it hehe!

  7. joy says:

    That was nice when they can combine coupons with the military discount. Some stores doesn’t allowed it. That was a nice shoes indeed!

  8. SassyChick says:

    Oh, my! love your new shoes silingan! fave color pa jud nako na…pwede paliti pud ko?…ahehe

  9. zoan says:

    I used to join fun runs and yes i love running;) i am envy sa shoes mo hehe

  10. Chie says:

    It is a good deal indeed for a pair of beautiful nike running shoes. I love the color!

  11. Gee says:

    I hope I will find time to run, I’ve always planned for it.

  12. Yes I do love running mommy and have been, but I stopped for a while and now back to running again. Love those new kicks!

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