Backyard Storage Shed

We were looking at storage shed in one of the home store here in our area. I don’t know but it is still quite expensive. I told my husband if he want something we can try those that we saw in steel building canada wherein the sheds were made of steel, very durable. Hubby said we can only have one of those if we have a very big backyard and we have big equipment to be stored inside. We only need something that will fit on one side of our backyard and not big enough to take over the whole back space.

My only concern though is really the remaining space we will have if we put up a shed in our backyard. I like it where the kids can run around without hassle and a little vegetable garden on the corners. I hope we can find a good deal on this shed since we do need storage for garden equipment too. If only we know how to build it ourselves then we may have to go to that route. But I don’t want to make something we are not confident we can make it right and sturdy.

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