366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #102 [Orange]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #102 [Orange]

Among the colors that I love for summer is orange. You can pair it with a yellow green shorts, white, or denim. Our DD1 chose this shirt from Carter’s but sold in Kohl’s for 60% off. She said it is a very comfortable shirt. As I can see it when they were playing at the park that she looks comfy and I can see her among the crowds of kids playing. More often I will let my kids wear colors that I can easily identify them, especially going to the park. There will be lots of kids and I don’t want to miss them while running around.

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8 Responses to 366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #102 [Orange]

  1. awww! DD1 looks like a model for Carter’s Momi Bless :-) Returning from BPC. I love to shop at Kohl’s and I think I am going to check the store today. I have a $10 coupon and 15% too, will sue these coupons b4 it will expires :-)

  2. sir rob says:

    Kulot..!! I remembered my youngest sister when she was still a kid. She had this kind of hair then was straighten as years pass by.

  3. She looks good in her brights clothes. It is actually nice to dress up your kids that way like you said you can easily spot them. Plus bright colors are so in this season. :) She’s lovely!

  4. In-in says:

    Dako na kaayo si Shiloh mama and so pretty. Orange suits her well.

  5. Pinx says:

    so true, for easier identification jud, let them wear bright colored shirts or tops! nice combi and sale pa jud! BPC hop here.

  6. Dhemz says:

    awwwwwww….I see a potential for modeling right there…super cute! love the color combination of her outfit mamiBless….:)

    visiting from BPC!

  7. emzkie says:

    very nice! kamao man diay mamili ning imong dalagita mommy Bless!

  8. Mel C. says:

    awww, she looks lovely in her pretty summer shirt :)

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