Taking Care of Oneself

It is always important that we have to take care of ourselves. As for me, I made sure that I don’t get sick because I have kids to take care. I don’t want anything to happen to me and my kids will be left with care giver. With this, I make sure I follow precautions all the time. When I was still working in a nursing home, we always lift patients. Although there are lifts to use foe heavier patients, but still proper position when lifting is important. I have one co-worker that had spinal injury because she slipped and fell while taking care of a patient. She underwent laser spinal surgery and glad that her arm only got affected, but she was still able to walk.

I always remind myself that I need to to be careful and proper way of handling things should come first. Now my husband always complains of back aches and shoulder aches. He runs a lot and I think it is only muscle strain. But if the pain persists after several days, I may have to ask him to have it check. I just want to make sure he don’t have any back problems that can exacerbate with his very active lifestyle. I want him to take care of himself too. It is a great thing that he does running as his form of exercise, but when you feel something is changing with your body, you need to check with your doctor. I hope hubby will listen and schedule an appointment before his marathon in May.


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