Shopping for the Growing Up DD1

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #71 [Dresses]

I think our DD1 just had a sudden growth spurt. Most of her clothes for spring that I bought late last year and some of her 4T clothes can’t fit her anymore. So since spring is here and she don’t need thick clothes anymore, once the weather gets warmer, I occasionally shop for her when I get a chance to go to the store. Because she needs more clothes for school, I make sure to scout for good deals and not break the bank. When I see a great sale, I also check out for coupons to match with it.

As you already heard K-mart will be closing some of its stores nationwide. One K-mart store near us is one among to be closed. They now have a closing store sale going on. We went there earlier and I was able to snagged 3 dresses for DD1 at $6 a piece. Its around 60% less than the original price. I was able to buy her a Dora pajama set for $5. It’s not in the picture coz she is wearing it right now :-) The sizes I got for her is 5/6 years old so that she can still wear it for longer. So, yep, if you have K-mart store closing near you, they have some bargains going on right now. All sales are final though and you can’t return it anymore, I think.

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3 Responses to Shopping for the Growing Up DD1

  1. Chie says:

    Pretty clothes! sad they don’t fit to your little one anymore. Time does fly so fast and without knowing, your used to be cuddly little one turns into a beautiful lady.

    Thanks for submitting your entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge under my hosting. Have a great day!

  2. beautiful outfits Momi Bless and I am sure DD1 looks pretty on them :-) Dropping by for BPC

  3. emzkie says:

    wow ka nice! nindot kaau. mag close na diay ang Kmart? why oh why.. so sad.. nadaghan na ang mga jobless. daghan na nagclose na mga companys. kini man gud si Uncle Sam ba kusug kaau mangau mao na ron, nanlupad na ang mga business. hayz.

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