Shopping at Marshalls

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #80 [Party Dress]

One of the stores that I frequented for cheap home decors and clothing is Marshalls. They are selling branded names shoes, clothing, and accessories for the whole family. I like their home decors as well as their bed and bath merchandise. This past week I went there countless times because I am in the process of decorating our house. I am looking for some knick-knacks that I can display. I am a bargain hunter so I go there to see if I can bring home some great finds.

When I was there this past week, I was able to buy our DD1′s birthday dress. It was like a ballet tutu with sleeveless onsie attached to it for $12 and I just let her wear her pink bolero so she will not be cold when she go outside. It worked well and she really look like a little ballet princess :-) The picture above is the only picture I was able to take on her party where I can get a whole body picture with not many people behind her. I got so busy entertaining and with all the visitors that showed up as well as setting up games for the kids, I wasn’t able to mind the picture taking.

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