Scrapbooking Ideas

Before I have kids I already planned of doing scrapbooking as my means of preserving the photos that I captured, may it be personal, places, or events. Then came baby #1 and still haven’t started one. Although I bought some scrapbooking materials and had been reading scrapbooking ideas, still I wasn’t able to start. The materials that I bought ended up shipping to my family back in the Philippines.

Now that digital scrapbooking is becoming popular I thought that this will fit for me since I don’t like meticulous scrapbooking where you have to do it by hand. With digital, you only have to click the buttons, use the mouse in putting embellishments and others already comes with it and you only have to upload the picture then print it. I have a software for digital scrapbooking and I am hoping that I will be able to find time to work on it. It will be a great thing if I will be able to finish a whole album because it has been a long time that I was planning it. Crossing my fingers that after I am done with school work, I can insert this and maybe will develop to be one of my hobbies.

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