Protect You Identity

If you look for a job here in the US a background check or employment screening will be done before you get accepted. With the screening, all your records will be seen. The most important information to do the screening process is the social security number. The SSN, as what it is commonly called as well, is very vital information about an individual here in the US. You have to protect it because it is your identity. All your personal information is being kept in this 10 digit numbers.

Some people got victimized by identity stealing. It can damage your record and the process to clear up your records once it is stolen is very tedious and will take a long time. This is why it is a must to protect it, monitor your credit history, and make sure your SSN card is kept in a safe place. This is why as an immigrant here in the US I make sure that I keep this number safe and I monitor my credit history regularly.

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