Pink Fridays #6 Pink Pig

The tractor ride was the one very hit for the kids when our Pre-K ate went to their field trip on Wednesday. Our DD2 also want to ride on it and got her first test. The pink pig wagon was so cute and she chose to sit on it. She was excited at first, but later got scared when I wasn’t riding. When the tractor driver asked all the kids to ride on, everyone was so ecstatic. Good thing the teachers put a system to who can ride on first. The kids fall in line and those that wasn’t able to hop on the first trip, went on the second trip. I and some parents who was bringing little ones got to ride on it as well.

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4 Responses to Pink Fridays #6 Pink Pig

  1. Mel C. says:

    awww, he looks snuggled in the ride. visiting from Pink Fridays.

  2. Gigi Beleno says:

    must be nice experience for the kids to have a ride in this cute tractor.

    visiting from PF :)

  3. Leah H. says:

    That’s one cool ride, girl..

    Visiting for PF- hope you can stop by:)

  4. awwww! what a cute pink ride, are you scared bb? Dropping by from PF

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