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366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #82 [My Memories]

I am so excited to start using the scrapbooking software that I won when Hearts Content of a Mama had a giveaway to win this as a price. I got so very lucky that out of those who joined, I was the victor. Yay! I have been wanting to do digital scrapbooking but I don’t want to buy the software. Now that I got one for free, I will be inspired to try and store our pictures for the family’s memory along the way.

I haven’t downloaded this yet because I am caught up with school stuffs and online opportunities. But definitely this will be another of my projects to do. Hubby bought me a new point-and-shoot camera with a good capture. I know these two will be a great tandem for my future hobby.

I am thanking Mommy Mel for hosting the giveaway and also My Memories for offering the price for free and free shipping as well.



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7 Responses to My Memories

  1. yay! congrats Momi Bless for winning the software, lucky you :-) Dropping by from BPC

  2. Chie says:

    Wow, congrats on’s a one great prize to be won. I am thinking of starting a scrap booking meme, hopefully i could start this weekend bali weekend scrapbooking Maybe you could join sa Passion Babbles

    Anyway, thanks for joining BPC.

  3. Leah H. says:

    Congrats, Mommy.. Nice ba ana.. Enjoy!

    Visiting for 109 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  4. Rcel says:

    That’s a nice one, Bless! good for you! mapugos pud ko ug gamit ana kung naa ko. Ganahan ra baya ko ig scrapbooking.

    BPC hop!

  5. Pinx says:

    wow! congratulations Mommy Bless! i don’t have that talent, i mean scrapbooking, but would love to have a scrapbook for my little boys… late bpc hop here.

  6. Congratulations, mommy! That should be fun and interesting to do. How awesome! :) Visiting very late on this BPC post.

  7. emzkie says:

    congrats mommy Bless! u are so lucky! i want one like that too.

    late visit from BPC, hope u can drop by too

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