May Birthdays

May is very busy month for us and some friends. There are so many friends that birthdays falls on May. In our household, I and our older daughter celebrates birthday next month. We planned of giving her a pizza party for friends and family. We will not give her a really big birthday party because we just had one this month for our little girl who turned 2. She already had a big party when she turned 3 so now that she is going to be 5, we will just offer pizza and drinks and some food for the adults.

Because both our birthdays fall on the mid of the month, I am scouting for birthday invitations now. I will only make invitations for her friends. I don’t need a party because I am old for that already. Maybe I will just invite few friends for a lunch one day. I am pretty sure that every weekend for the whole month of May will be a busy one. Like last year, we had a left and right invitations. The weather is getting nicer with warmer temperature.

This time I may not be able to go to every party there is because I already start working outside home. I am back in the workforce and every Saturday I have work. There are Saturdays that I work at morning and some at night. So this means, I can only go to a friend’s invite when it is lunch time and I am working at night. But my friends are really thoughtful and generous. Some of them go all the way by sending me some food at work. We take care of each other here in our second country.

Back to creating birthday invitations, do you have any suggestions of a theme or design? If you have a suggestion, please feel free to drop a comment ;-)


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