I Love Flowers

Do you love to receive flowers? I do. And even if there is no occasion, when you receive it you will feel very special. But I will tell my husband not to buy me flowers, especially during Valentine’s day or other special occasion. He won’t listen and will just tell me not to mind him if he buy flower for me because he loves doing so. Of course, I won’t argue about it and it melts my heart too.

Since spring is coming up, I want to have my flower garden so I can just pick flowers from my garden to decorate our house. I have been researching and reading articles about gardening. This is our first spring in our house and we are thinking of having flower and vegetable garden. I will need all the tips and how-tos in gardening. I am not sure if I am a green thumb. So far the flowers and plants that I’ve planted before in my home country bear fruits and flowers already. I am pretty sure I will do good with gardening starting this spring.  We visited home store already this afternoon and got some ideas of what to do with our gardening plan. I hope the weather cooperates and at least give us dry days so I can work outside.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Hello Bless! This is Mimi. I added your blogs to my site. I hope you wont mind. You can add mine too if you like: http://www.mijoyfaith.com. BTW, your daughters are so big now and they’re getting prettier and prettier everyday.

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