Hoping for Another Hawaiian Vacation

Since we got married, we frequented Hawaii for vacation. We have some family and friends there to see and we are excited every time to relax and see the grandeur of nature. We were not able to go there in 2010 and 2011. We are not sure this year if we can squeeze a vacation because of hubby’s schedule and the daughter’s school.

What I love in Hawaii is the beaches and the natural beauty. You can enjoy the island living. It is very relaxing to just soaked in the beaches along Waikiki. There are too many things to do there. When we are in Hawaii, we chose hotels that are near the Waikiki strip because at night you can just stroll along the strip and see different events and shows. Bar and restaurants are also scattered around with different cuisines to choose from. I love the fusion of foods that caters to people from all walks of life. For accommodations, hotels are everywhere from inns to 5 star hotels. You can choose hotels that are right along the beach front or opt for a more exclusive ones that are far from the hustle and bustle of the main hub if the island.

For things to do in Hawaii, aside from basking on the pristine beaches of Waikiki, there are also theme parks and cruises, and other recreation that the family can enjoy. One of the things we love to see and visit is the Polynesian Cultural Center and also driving around the island. There you can enjoy the showcasing of different Polynesian cultures, food, and shows.

This year, if we cannot go to Hawaii, we are hoping to have a shot vacation or trip to the nearby state and cities. One option we are thinking of visiting is Las Vegas, Nevada. One of our sons have a tournament of some sort there this April and we thought of seeing him there. We really need a vacation because the last time we went out of state is 2009. I think the family deserves some R&R.

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