Gazebo for the Backyard

 We are doing some small landscaping project for our backyard. I love to have a covered patio but also love to have a small gazebo. It will be a very nice addition to the backyard, especially now that there is no furniture or decoration whatsoever back there right now. I have so many plans and designs that I love in my head. It is just very difficult to have everything come together when you are doing it on a tight budget. I was looking at some gazebos for sale and really, I thought we can afford the small and not so expensive one. The problem with having something like it will be the space. for the kids to play.

Our reason of having a big backyard is for the kids to run around. On our daughter’s birthday about 2 weeks ago, we rented a bouncy house and it does took a big space of the yard. I am afraid with having a gazebo we will not be able to put some kiddie fun fixture for the kids. Anyways, I will see maybe hubby have another plan. I know he will love the gazebo too. We can’t be sure if it will be materialize. I am only hoping though.

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  1. Marms says:

    I like gazebos. I would love to have one in our backyard.

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