Free Labor

This past January hubby was fixing his truck. He replaced some pats of the vehicle including the coolant pump or the water pump. He bought the parts and did it by himself. We saved a big chunk of money for the labor. It is free since hubby is doing it. The labor is always the biggest portion of the cost if you bring your vehicle for maintenance. This is the reason why he is interested to know how to fix vehicles. The only reason that he will bring the vehicles to the shop if he don’t have the tools to use.

I wish I can do it too. I only help hubby when he needs a hand. He taught me how to change tires, but I am not sure if I can do it when it actually happen. I can only hope when I have a flat tire hubby will be there. As I have said, nothing can beat for a free labor especially in maintaining a vehicle. You can have big savings if you do it yourself. Ever since he does the fixing himself. He is very confident doing it and I trust him as well.

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