Avid Fan of Online Games

There was a time that I am so engrossed with playing online games especially in a social network site. At first I just tried one game and then new game came up and I tried until I realized I almost have all the games being played. My time will be consumed by playing. Every time I go out I have hurry to go home because my games are waiting. I know you cannot only find games in social network sites but there lots of online gaming sites that you can go and play.

I remember a friend of mine who works in assisted living facility mentioned that most of the elderly in the facility loves to play bingo. She said that one lady in the facility told her that her husband was hooked on playing bingo online. I know the feeling of how you want to stop playing but it is so hard to stop especially if you already invested too much time. As I have said, there are lots of online games and bingo among those games where you can really use real money. I saw a site where you can play bingo online from OnlineBingo.com.

Playing different online games is fun, but later on I realized that it will consume too much of my time. I have things to do but I have to stop because I am tempted to play games. I know if you have self discipline it is very fine because you can say no. Right now I am proud to say that I was able to let go of those games. I only play few but only if I really have time to do so. If I have more important thing to do, I won’t be bothered by it.

Now our older girl loves to always face the computer. There are educational sites that also offers games for kids. So this are also considered online games although it is more on educational side. I only give her time limit to use the computer. I don’t want her to be so hooked into this little machine that she is about 5 years old. It is best for them to allot to more reading rather than playing games.

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