Sister Love

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #70 [Sister Love]

Having two little girls is very fun. Sometimes they both want the same thing and some times not. When we go shopping, especially for clothes, the older one gets to have new clothes most of the time. All the clothes that big sister had outgrown is handed down to the little one that is why. The little one have so much clothes in her closet compared to the big sister. I only buy her new ones when there is special occasion and if she want the same thing like her big sissy. Just like the night clothes, from Carter’s, that they are wearing in the picture, the big sister wants one for her little sis so they will have the same night dress. It was so sweet of her to think of her baby sister.

For toys, books, and other school stuffs, they share whatever they have. Good thing the older sis shares to her little sis. She always look after her and very giving. At times when big sister is playing something the little one wants, she ended up giving it to her without complaining. She don’t want her little sister to cry. She know how to console her too and bribe her at times with other toys especially if she also like the or still playing with the toy. I hope they will stay the same until they grow up and become adults.

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One Response to Sister Love

  1. Mrs.D says:

    awwwwwwww..these two are really precious mamiBless…you are pretty lucky…bantay jud ka ani ug madalaga naning duha…am sure ang daddy ready na ang shotgun…lol!

    thanks for joining BPC last month!

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