Russell Solomon A Very Good Communicator

Russell Solomon is an inspiration. Why? Because whatever he handles may it be business, lifestyle coaching, health and fitness advocacy, public speaking, and others, he always has following and he surely will succeed. Based on what I know on my research and other resources, he has now an empire that he was able to achieved because of his special ability. An innate ability that whatever he ventures into it will become prosperous. His being a successful person in different aspects of trade and industry comes from his dedication and willingness to help others. He put his heart in everything that he does.

I learned that Russell Solomon was once an overweight person and at some point in his life he also feels the despair like those that feels unhealthy in life. He did not let this be a hindrance to achieving the balance in his life. He made it the driving force to better his life. He trained and get education, and now he became the big influence and a very good communicator especially in health and fitness area. He became a life coach, celebrity trainer, a businessman, author, TV personality, and many other. His story of achieving the success that he has now is very inspiring. It shows in his plight that if you have positive outlook in life and you coupled it with hard work and determination, you will reach your goals. There is nothing you cannot do if you believe and work for what you believe in. Russell Solomon is a good testament of it.


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