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My friend’s husband who works in a company that does iron works was recently out of job because their company closed for good. On the bright side, he already has the experience and connection, the owner of the company he worked for told him to get their accounts since he is starting his own business, and he can surely carry over the works. Right now he was able to get some accounts as well, and according to my friend they are still in need of some more equipment like miller welders. Her husband was able to bid for a federal job and is now working on a project. I think his employer’s closing is a blessing in disguise for them to embark on a greater endeavor. I know with their hardwork and determination their new business will prosper. In this economy, whatever business you can get is really a blessing, and with him able to get a government project is a step towards something greater. I am really happy for them and wish them more success.

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