Making Money Through Blogging

Aside from doing my school work, blogging is one of my outlet and diversion being a stay at home Mom. I have been blogging since 2008 and I didn’t know back then that I can make money out of it. My blog is my personal online journal where I document my plight as a mother. I was at a loss when I started then since I don’t have any idea about different internet stuff. It was one of my online friends that introduced me to it and I grown to become accustomed to it until the paid to blog came in the picture. Even when I was already working outside home I still do blogging. When I started to make money while blogging, I thought to myself it isn’t really bad. I can be at home and still get a little bit of income.

When I gave birth and stopped working I still have something to do on the side. Although I can say I am not a full time blogger and earning a lot of money, but what I earned through the years of blogging and joining paid to blog companies helped me in helping my family. Now, I don’t only do blogging but also joined some survey sites to be paid doing surveys. I joined sites where you can earn virtual cash and redeem it for gift cards and the likes. The internet really has a lot to offer but it is up to you to take responsibility. Be knowledgeable about the different consequences and make sure to always protect your identity for there are also lots of scams trolling around. In totality, I can say a lot of good things about making money through blogging or using the internet. If you have the passion to blog and create website, then you can use that passion to better your life.

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