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366 Blog Photo Challenge #68 [Magnum]

Okay, I am just wondering what is it about magnum ice cream bar that caused all the hype in the Philippines. I can see from different post in my FB friends’ wall about this and was wondering what is so very special with it. I’ve tasted it before and for me it is just an ice cream bar that is loaded with so much sweetness in it. Last Tuesday when we went to the store to buy milk, I decided to buy magnum ice cream bar just for the heck of it and got the double caramel flavor this time. Really in fairness, the Belgian chocolate is really yummy but with the additional caramel, it is just too sweet for me. I can’t finish a whole bar. So have you tried this one too? I think this was overrated in the Philippines that is why some people are so hyped in wanting to taste it. I heard it costs Php50+ per bar, which is really expensive.

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4 Responses to Magnum Hype

  1. emzkie says:

    that looks yummy! but i dont like caramel. so pass ako dyan. hehehe. yan pala new trend dyan ha. hmmm..

    from BPC

  2. Rcel says:

    Nag-wonder bitaw ko what Magnum is all about. Ice cream ra man diay. Naa na diri diay Bless? Mangita daw ko bi. I can’t take it kung super sweet. Ice cream baya halos every day naku ginakaon, tambal sa pait nga panlasa. Ug puli sa milk kay di pa ko ganahan moinom ug milk. Lol.

    Pero ug naa ni diri, pangitaon naku and try it. To see or try is to believe man daw. Tan-awon tag unsa ka-lami, ug malabwan ba akong Haagen Daz. Lol.

  3. Mrs.D says:

    mao bitaw ni latest craze sa pinas mamibless…I think I had this one before…just like what you said…it’s too sweet! not my fave….:)

    thanks for joining BPC!

  4. I heard about that too Momi Bless :-) dgan jud craze sa Pinas but I am not sure if we have it here. Talagsa ra mi mokaon ug ice cream aside allergy c K d sad mi mahilig ug sweets :-) Dropping by for BPC

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