366 Blog Photo Challenge #61 [Proverbs]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #61 [Proverbs]

These proverbs are being displayed in one of the exhibit walls at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation building at the Seattle Center. The proverbs are from different countries that I believe the foundation have worked with and also something that we all can get an inspiration with.

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5 Responses to 366 Blog Photo Challenge #61 [Proverbs]

  1. those are wonderful words of wisdom Momi Bless :-) Returning the visit from #78 of BPC

  2. Mrs.D says:

    so love it mamiBless…ganahan pod ko kay naa background nga light…murag gold nga ga glow…ehehhee!

  3. Pretty Kat says:

    Inspirational words indeed pero kanang “many hands make light work”..di na applicable sa ako kay if kining mga “baktin” nako mag apil-apil sa ako work…musamot na noon daghan ako trabahuon KUK. Thanks sa visit Bless..

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