VA Home Loans

We are very happy to become a homeowner. I know this is a step of achieving our American dream. We are so thankful that after 6 years of being married, we were able to have a home of our own. We avail a VA home loan last year since my husband is in the service. We did not pay any down payment. While we were building to make our credit very good, we did not stop checking the VA home loan rates. When they have low rates offered to those who wanted to buy a home, we thought it will be the best time for us to do it.

We then checked and read the VA guidelines in acquiring a loan. Because my husband in the service, he has to get the Certificate of Eligibility and send it to our lender along with all the pertinent documents. Our Realtor is our good friend so he made sure everything will be smooth. When everything was set, we were able to locked in a low rate. We are glad that the projected amount that we wanted to pay for the mortgage every month is what we are paying right now. I know a much lower payment would be golden, but we can’t complain of the amount we have to pay right now. We have a 30-year fixed mortgage. I know it would still be a long time of paying, but having to live in your own home is a great feeling.

I have a lot of friends whose husbands are also in the service and they are planning of buying a home. I told them they have to have a good realtor and reliable lender that can possibly give them lowest rate that they can. is a good start to check for rates and get information about VA home loan. Their site have resources worth knowing about VA loans. It is best to know what you are going into because this is a big step and very life changing.

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  1. papel1 says:

    Congratulations on being a homeowner. It took us 30 years to pay off ours, and we actually have been here ever since.

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