Organizing My Online Finds

I feel less stress now organizing all my online finds because clipix is here! I am so happy to have been introduced to this new online organization tool. It will make your online browsing and searching easy. If you find something interesting in the internet and you want to go back to that site over and over, you don’t have to bookmark it on your browsers’ dashboard but simply clip it on clipix. All your interests, such as articles, electronics, gadgets, sales and deals, etc will be in one site arranged accordingly. Here is my recent finds below, and I clipped it under general.

Another thing that you will like about clipix is that you can share it to your friends and family thru facebook or twitter. You can comment to your friends clip, and you can also re-clip whatever your friends and followers have clipped. It is a nice way of sharing hobbies and interests. What is more awesome here is, it is free. Very easy to use and so easy to navigate. Here’s more information below. Watch the video in its entirety and discover how wonderful this tool.

I am enjoying this already. As you clip your interests, you can also set it either public or private depending on what suits you. Try it now and share how do you like your clipping.

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One Response to Organizing My Online Finds

  1. amiableamy says:

    I like clipix too. It makes my photo sharing easy, very convenient to find the category, fast download and sending the pictures to social media site is just a click of a button :-) Love your post Bless

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