Stay at home saver

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence.

Being a stay at home mom means I’ve had so much time to learn about coupons. I’m not one of those crazy coupon people that save up and go in the store and buy 100 of something but I’m really big on using coupons for stuff I already buy. I love that there are so many great deals to be had when you rely on the Sunday paper and without having a notebookor anything crazy like that it’s nice to know I’ve got everything my family needs right here waiting for them. I love saving money – I usually get on my clear 4g internet every morning and see what’s on sale at the local stores and you know I’m at the outlets all the time looking for clothes for the kids. I haven’t bought anything at retail price in probably a year now and it feels good to know every dollar I save goes right back into my wallet at the end of the day. That’s smart money if you ask me!

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