Menu Plan Monday – Week 1/16 – 1/22

This past weekend was a bit busy for us. We attended birthday celebrations and went grocery shopping. Good thing we did the shopping on Saturday because the forecast is not looking good in our neck of the woods. We have rain and snow for the whole week and having this kind of weather is such a bummer to go out and about.

Okay, below is my list of menus that I am planning to do this week.

For breakfast, we usually eat what is available and easy to cook. It may be combinations of the following:

Cereals, bacon, waffle, egg sandwich, muffin, hot cereal, bagel, and sausage.

For lunch, we had ham sandwich this afternoon. Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be tilapia with tomato and olives, tuna sandwich, vegetable soup, egg roll.

For dinner, we ate out earlier. Tomorrow and for the rest of the week will be beef stew, chicken joy, baked tilapia with tomato and olives, hamburger helper, pizza night, and pork chops.

Glad to have a menu plan, I will be guided on what to cook for the family for the whole week. Check our for more menu ideas.

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