Walgreens Trip 5/9

(2 boxes Special K cereal, 2 gal nursery water, 3 boxes kleenex, newton fruit thins, cotton pads, baby food, halls = ($13.39 w/ tax)

I have been shopping at Walgreens mainly for deals on diapers and other stuff that me and my husband forget to get at the superstores. Inspired by the show extreme couponing and my drive to really cut back on our grocery expenses. So now I am back to religiously clipping coupons that I can get for stuff that we all need. I will also make it sure not to buy grocery items without coupons.

My first trip to Walgreens carrying my binder with folders was on 5/9. Above was the stuff I got and I saved around 50%. It is a good start. The stuff that I did not have coupons was the cotton, 1 jar of baby food and nursery water. The water was on sale for a $1 each.

My total OOP – $13.39
Savings – $13.49 (Mfr and in ad coupons)

I have some coupons to get free stuff like the Precise and Almay concealer but they ran out of it. Better luck next time then.

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