Extreme Couponing

(Image from tlc.com)

I have been watching the Extreme Couponing show of TLC and I must say the episodes are really crazy. They are racking lots of products and just pay very, very low amounts. I must say I am envious of how they do such grocery shopping. I am very aware that coupons really help but I wish I can do the strategic shopping that they are doing. I also think that it does depend on stores that they go to. I am not sure if there are stores that double or triple coupons here.

At any rate, I am now inspired to using coupons again. I started couponing two years ago but I slack most of the time. We are living in an apartment and we don not have that extra space to stockpile on many stuff. We have pantry that I cannot really put too much in and I don’t like clutter. I ended up doing a stockpile good for a month or even less.

Now that our family is growing and we are only living on one income, I need to do my part and help out the family. I can see future savings on couponing and I intend to use it to my advantage. I told my husband that those that are shown on tv and others that I followed through blogging can do it so I am pretty sure I can do it as well. I am excited to really start stockpiling once we can move to our new place in July. I cannot wait.

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