Shopping At Ross

Yesterday me and my friend C decided to go out to check out Ross, a dress for less store. I must say that if you want to buy fashion branded stuff for less they have it. We went there after I dropped off our DD1 to her school. The weather wasn’t great but it did not hinder us from going. Determined, aren’t we?

Anyways, I was looking for a boots that I can wear daily since it’s already cold season. During winter a warm, comfortable clothing is very necessary especially if you go out a lot. I was disappointed I did not find one that will fit me. I was able to find a mid-calf size boots at children’s section :-) You know I am petite and a size 3 kids’ shoes will fit me. I settled for that find. I was able to buy me a $10 skinny jeans and three blouses less than $10 each that I can wear for church. I think all in all I had a good deal.

I will go back there next time by myself to get some stuff for hubby and kids. I can’t really choose properly because of the kids; can’t stay too much in the tore or they will start being cranky. Hopefully when I go back there I will be able to find more deals since holiday sales is now on-going.

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