SendEarnings Proof of Payment

I just received my first check from SendEarnings yesterday! Yay, it’s $33.12 from just clicking and reading paid emails in my inbox and answering surveys. Now I am a Gold member from them and included in the perks of being one is to have my payment to be processed every week if I reach the $30 payout.

Joining this paid to click services was just a trial before coz I know there are lots of scams all over the internet. But I read lots of info about SendEarnings and they’re a legit one. So, if you want to earn extra cash join SendEarnings now! Click the banner below for more info and sign up so you will start earning like me :-)

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5 Responses to SendEarnings Proof of Payment

  1. Twerlyn says:

    wow nice!how many days/hours b4 u could reach this amount?I'm so curious..I'll try if the number of days won't reach that long..thank u for the info..

  2. Bless says:

    Hi Lerms… it took me a while to reach the payout coz I stopped clicking and reading emails from them. Pero if you are going to do the surveys and free offers or trials, you can do it in no time at all.

  3. chubskulit says:

    Horray, I received mine last month.. Keep it up!

  4. well good thing ur in us now, kasi limited lang offers sa amin eh, alam mo na basta asian limited lang compare from canada uk and us.. pero by the way pwede ba international yan?

  5. naka-receive na ko sa first and last naku ani dugay na kaayo. 2007 pa man guro to, wa pa ko nag-blogging. pag-blog naku, nag-stop na ko kay kapuyan ko daghan kaayo mails sa inbox labi na ug mag free trial. hahaha. pero lami makadawat ug check oi!

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