My Walgreens Trip 2/10

I went to Walgreens this afternoon to get my prescription. I could get it on post but I was lazy to drive in the rain so I decided to just go down the road. I waited for a few minutes since there was a line. When I turned in my copy for the prescription the pharmacist asked me what time I will pick it up. I didn’t know I have to wait and she said it will be ready at most 30 minutes. So I did not go home instead browse around the store with the weekly ad and coupon booklet in my hand. Our DD was in the cart. I decided to buy diaper and paper towel. Below was my two transaction which I thought I made a good deal. It was my first time using the register rewards program as well :-) I think I’m learning slowly now :-)

Transaction #1

Huggies Goodnights Pull ups – $8.99
used $2/1 coupon
final cost $6.99
RR $3.00 (to be used for next purchase)
OOP $6.99+tax

Transaction #2

6 Rolls Viva Paper Towel – $6.99
used $1 from Feb. coupon booklet
used RR $3 (from transaction #1)
final cost $2.99
OOP $2.99+tax

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One Response to My Walgreens Trip 2/10

  1. sundcarrie says:

    Sounds like a good deal to me. Happy frugal shopping.

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