Buying Baby Gears

During my first pregnancy buying baby gears was kind of daunting. Since it was my first I was excited but apprehensive on what type of gears to buy. I scouted from every stores and online stores of different gears as well as reading reviews of almost everything. But then it just made me more confused because there are lots of conflicting reviews from different users. Now that I am pregnant again and have to buy baby gears, I am still confused of what to buy :-) This is funny. I should know by now since I already have experience but because of the many choices it is just hard to decide.

Two weeks ago, after many days of looking online and and in stores, I decided to get some of the baby gears that we need. I got the swing, stroller, and infant car seat at I made a price comparison from Babies ‘R Us and Target and so far Wally world sell the same item cheaper and only 97 cents shipping fee each item so it was kind of a good deal. I have all the gears I ordered and already assembled the double stroller and the infant car seat. I did not assemble the swing yet coz I am pretty sure our DD#1 will hop on it as soon as she sees it. Next week I will have the car cleaned and then set up the car seat inside. For now, I am still looking online for some other good deals for other baby necessities so I can have everything ready.

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