Boppy Body Pillow

Early this month I went to Target and bought a boppy body pillow just like the one above. I needed some cushion to support my tummy while I’m sleeping. I do have a hard time sleeping right now that I am in my 3rd trimester. Switching from side to side is really hard. With this pillow I can relax more and even if I stay on my left side the whole night my legs and back is well cushioned. My back pain is lessened now that I am using this pillow. When I was pregnant with our DD#1 I only use regular pillows because I was so skeptical to get this one. But now that I have to do everything in the house I need something like it to help me get a good night rest. So far it works for me and I sleep comfortably, only thing the daughter also want to cuddle it at night :-)

When I bought it, there was a coupon inside that or a free order slip form for Us Weekly magazine. I will get a free 12 issue of this magazine for buying this pillow. I believe it was worth $11+. I already sent the order form and still waiting for my first issue to arrive. Anyways, I am not paid to post this review. I am just excited to share my experience using this boppy body pillow.

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