Saving on Groceries

I have been clipping coupons for my groceries for sometime now but honestly I don’t have a strategy to use it to my advantage. Last year I already bought myself a coupon organizer and started to do what other coupon geeks are suggesting. But then it came to a point that I got lazy since I did not see much of a difference when I shop. Then I realized that the problem is me. I don’t have proper planning when going to the store. Sometimes I have a list but most of the times I don’t have. This year I will do it differently and follow step by step the strategy that I read at the

Yesterday after me and our daughter attended the Sunday mass, we went grocery shopping. I went to two different stores. I brought with me my shopping list and vowed to stick to it. The stores that we went to were Albertsons and Safeway. I am a preferred customer card holder of both stores.

My total for my Albertson trip was $85 and the combined savings from store coupons, manufacturer’s coupon and preferred savings was $34.31. I ended up paying $50.69. Which I know can still be lowered because I did not have coupons for other stuff that I bought. Next time I will apply the things I learned and read from the and hopefully I can save some more. At Safeway store I didn’t get the stuff that I have in my list since they run out of it.

I think I did good in my first attempt of combining store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons and preferred savings at Albertsons. Hopefully to improve my shopping strategy on my next visit. It is very inspiring reading blogs that talked about how they save from their grocery shopping and it is my goal to do the same as well.

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