First Earning with Sendearnings

I started joining in 2008 but it is off and on. It is one of those online income generating business where you get paid to click emails, make offers, take surveys, play online games, shop and others. I only click emails that they sent to me and seldom do the others. Last year I was already eligible to cash out since I reach the payout amount of $30 but I became inactive so the payment request that I did was not processed. It is part of their terms to be click emails everyday so your account will not be deactivated. I forgot about it and the email I used I seldom open. So, lately I reactivated my account. I started over to click emails and take surveys again. I requested payment and will receive my first check from them in March for the amount of $33. I am excited for it and will post the check here as soon as I get it.

So for those that are interested why not check it now. It may be small but it sure can help generate income. If you want to earn more, there is more to just clicking and reading emails. You can do other things too to boost your earnings. Click the banner below and see what’s in store for your for this new year.

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