Barbie Trike

Last Christmas I was thinking of getting a trike for our daughter. I saw lots of trikes for 3 years and up but it’s all expensive. The one I was eying that time was more than $40. So I thought of waiting until this month. I was checking the online site of Walmart the other day and saw that they have this barbie trike from Fisher-Price on sale for $25. I showed it to hubby and he said I can get it for our DD. Their site showed that they have it in store so I headed there yesterday. The price they have on the shelf was still $40 and I checked it through the scanner but I cannot get a price. I asked their associate and the lady told me it’s on sale for $20. I’m glad I waited. I think I got a good deal with it.

It’s a cute pink and purple trike. Very girly. The assembly was easy except that it needs another person to hold the other end of the axle when you put the nut cap on. But I managed it by myself alone. Now, our daughter is having fun riding it inside our apartment. She still need help with pedaling though. She still can’t reach all the way to the pedals :-)

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