Shopping Loot

Two weeks ago we went to the mall. I stopped by at Sears and was able to have great finds in jeans. I got three jeans for $5.99 each with 50% off of it. I love shopping when it’s end of season because I can really get a good deals on apparel. The jeans are all long for me so I had it altered. If I know how to sew and have a sewing machine I would definitely do it myself or hubby can since he told me he know how to sew. But anyways, I brought it to an alteration shop and I paid $21 for three. It’s more than what I paid for the jeans actually. I don’t have any regrets though since I like the result a lot.

This past week, we went to Supermall in Auburn and found out that the Children’s Place is having a spring sale which they’re taking 50% off of the already reduced price. I was able to buy dresses, hat, jacket, tops and bottoms, shoes, and socks for our DD. I am hoping they will have another sale next week since I need to get more summer clothes for her for our vacation. I love to stock up too so I usually buy bigger sizes for next year. I bought bigger size dresses a year ago and it’s only now that she can use it which I am very glad.

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