Best Fare Bet

For months we’ve been looking for the cheapest airfare going to the Philippines. We tried different travel site online as well as direct to an airline carrier website. So far the best price that we’ve found was through direct purchase. The lowest price among the carrier that we’ve looked at is Hawaiian Airlines. The flight is also a one stop route and it’s from Seattle to Hawaii then Hawaii to Philippines. The price for a round trip ticket per person is $971 plus fees and taxes. This price is only until Manila. I think it is still a good deal. The other airlines as well as the prices from travel sites were all above $1000. For this, hubby decided to go ahead and get the tickets before the price go up again. We also got tickets from Manila to Davao buy availing the Philippine Airlines (PAL) promo of Php1,888.00= $30. This promotion is only for booking until April 30 and the travel should be done until December 2009. In total we spent less than $3000 for three tickets. Our DD, since she’s already 2 years old by the time we travel, we paid for her ticket for $808.

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