Sears Winter Sale

This past weekend we went to the mall. We went there after lunch. We thought of going to Seattle but it was raining so we decided to go to the mall instead. We usually enter at Sears entrance where the shoe department is at. As soon as you enter you can see on the left side their clearance shoes. I stopped by there and saw a Mudd Women’s Nigel shoes on sale for $7.99 from $50. Good thing it is my size so I bought it. It was really a steal. I also bought my Mom a blouse and got me a blazer. Both are $5.99 each but there’s additional 40% off of it. I may have to go back there again this weekend since their sale is until April. Stocking up of winter apparel for the whole family is very aptly now since they marked down their merchandise to a very, very low price. I wish I had more time that day. I did not have much of a chance to browse around since our DD was crabby. I don’t like shopping with a whining baby in tow :-)

(The $8 Mudd shoes)
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2 Responses to Sears Winter Sale

  1. Ashley says:

    You really had a good time..! Sears is really a one stop shop. I always save much money when do my shopping there.

  2. Wow! You only pay $7.99 for that? Well, it’s really a good trip then. I also want to go shop to that mall.

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