Suze Orman’s Action Plan for 2009

Have any of you saw Oprah Show this afternoon? If you haven’t, her guest for this week’s Best of Life Series was Suze Orman. The topic about money plan for this year 2009 is very timely because, as we all know, we are hit by this credit crunch. There are different action plan that Suze talked about and as a bonus to everybody, she and Oprah teamed up and give the audience and everyone who want to download a free copy of her new book 2009 Action Plan. I already downloaded it and I have read through the pages and indeed it is very enlightening. It gives pointers on what you need to do to have a workable financial plan for you and your family starting this new year 2009. You can download the book for free at and it will be up for a week only. So if you want to change your life and get back on track financially, download this book now.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I love Oprah and Suze Oraman. She always has her books available for download which is awesome.

    I love your blog theme by the way :)


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