Black Friday II

Tomorrow is known as black Friday II wherein it’s another big shopping day here in the US. Most of the stores here open as early as 5am. I heard JCPenney will be open at 5:30am tomorrow and Macy’s opens at 6am. The mall near us will open around 7am too. I remember when I worked in retail before, our store is situated inside the mall, and I dreaded getting up early to open the store during holiday season. So I really don’t know if I will go shop at that early. The early bird special that they have will only be until 1pm so if you want to get the best deals you can start your shopping day as early as possible. This after the holiday sale is big especially that most stores were not able to have a good sale before Christmas. The rate of sales this year is lower than the previous years. I learned through the news that only Wal-mart had the boost this year compared to other retail stores. This is the result of the economic crisis that we are in right now. There are only two things that can happen with the state of our economy, it will get better or it will get worst, but hopefully we can see a glimmer of hope in this coming year.

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