I am starting to become an effective grocery shopper now using coupons :-) I have been stumbling into blogs that advocates frugality and I kind of like the idea too. I was watching Oprah show, I can’t remember the date, but anyway owner was the guest. I have been a visitor of the site and it is there I got my coupons that I use when we go for grocery shopping. My only thing now is to follow how to make most of it. It is really fun clipping the coupons online as well as the ones that come with the papers. I still have to establish my own system where I can make plan before shopping. Coupons really help a lot and I wish I can cut back on our expenses to at least half of what we spend every weekend like what she did :-)

You can visit her site at and you can also print coupons at

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  1. This is a great idea! I’m always looking for a deal. I need to start checking this out.

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